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By Marcus Santamaria

Dear Friend

Can I share with you 4 shortcuts to Spanish success?

These shortcuts took my efforts to learn Spanish from drudgery to fun. I went from ghastly grammar study, that got me nowhere, to easily and effectively learning Spanish that I could use in the real world.

Now if you goal is to pass an exam, I can help you. But, what I am really about is showing you how to learn Spanish that you can actually use to communicate.

Imagine speaking Spanish in the real world.

Imagine traveling through Spanish speaking country and communicating with the locals.

It is a lot of fun.

In 31 days you could be communicating in Spanish ordering meals, reserving hotels asking questions and understanding answers.

You can even get away from the over priced tourist traps and explore markets, meet villagers and go where the locals go.

That's the best part of learning the Shortcuts to Spanish, You can learn a ton of Spanish you can use right away. You learn to create Spanish in a variety of subjects to communicate in any situation.

After 31 days you may not speak Spanish perfectly. You may not speak Spanish quickly. You may even speak Spanish in a funny way at times. But you will have the tools to get your point across. Because everything you learn you can use immediately.

Doesn't it make sense to start by learning the easiest and fastest Spanish you can put to use right away?

There are 4 essential Shortcuts to Spanish that allow you to use Spanish immediately.

Shortcut to Spanish #1

Cognates - How to Learn 3013 Spanish Words Instantly

Cognates are English words with Latin roots. Cognates are an easy, fast, fun way to get a Spanish vocabulary of thousands of words.

The amazing thing about cognates is that you can use them instantly to speak Spanish. All you need to do is learn the rules to translate English word into Spanish.

Here is an example.

Most English words that end in IFY can be changed into Spanish by changing IFY to IFICAR

English Spanish
Clarify Clarificar
Intensify Intensificar
Identify Identificar
Testify Testificar
Verify Verificar
Justify Justificar

You just learned 6 Spanish words.

In my book I will show you 30 more categories of cognates. You will have an instantaneous Spanish vocabulary of 3013 words.

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Shortcut to Spanish #2

Mnemonics - Ignite your imagination to Learn Spanish Words Fast.

A mnemonic is a mental link between English and the Spanish word you want to learn.

Here is an example

The Spanish word for American is norteamericano - pronounced (nautay americano)

Imagine all the naughty americans on spring break in Cancun. Really use your imagination and see the Americans acting naughty.

Okay okay that's enough.

By creating a picture in your mind and using your imagination you access the fast learning creative part of your brain.

How do you say American?

Of course you know.

You'll never forget how to say American in Spanish.

In the Shortcut to Spanish you will learn 132 more words that you won't forget.

The mnemonics words are carefully selected Spanish words. They are selected because they give you versatility in communication.

In fact that brings me to the next component of Shortcut to Spanish which gives you more Spanish you can use immediately

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Shortcut to Spanish #3

Power words and power verbs - The 100 most frequently used words in Spanish.

These are the most useful words that you can combine with cognates to make unlimited Spanish sentences.

Studies have shown that as few as 100 words are repeated over and over in 50% of all communication.

So don't learn useless words like I did.

I learned words like dish rack and the rasp in the tool shed.

You will learn more flexible words, such as who, what, why, where, when, how, very, more, many, drink, eat, how much, new, with, etc.

Learn these 100 most versatile words and combine them with cognates and you´ll be talking up a storm in no time.

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Shortcut to Spanish #4

You create Spanish

After lesson 4 you create Spanish in every lesson. You use everything you have learned to make real Spanish just like you would use in real conversations.

And the best part is you create Spanish on a variety of subjects. You learn to communicate in any situation.

In fact with a little lateral thinking and just 2 power verbs you will understand this Spanish right now.

Power verb 1 - Voy a = I am going to

Power verb 2 - Hay = There is/there are

If you are in the market and you'll understand

If you need to repair the car you'll be able to say.

In the hotel you can say.

Or you can ask the receptionist.

You can tell the doctor.

You get the idea.

We are only scratching the surface of what you will be able to say.

When you learn all the 31 categories that make 3013 cognates and 132 mnemonics including the top 100 words you will have infinite Spanish communication possibilities.

Just 31 days of easy short Spanish lessons. The lessons take you between 15 and 25 minutes a day to complete.

Each step by step lesson builds on the previous lesson. So it always feels easy, but you will be advancing very quickly.

Before you know it you are easily understanding and creating better and better real Spanish.

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You won't find any of the fake conversation you find in most language books.

You won't find sentences like this.

"The tables are very clean but the waiter is dirty."

Or this,

"The quick jellyfish is quiet."

Believe it of not those example were from Spanish textbooks.

Here are examples of the real world Spanish you will be able to say easily on day 14.

Un extremo al otro. - One extreme to the other.

Tengo que ir a los Estados Unidos - I have to go to the United States.

Tiene que abrir su maleta - You have to open your suitcase.

Quiero comer otro taco. - I want to eat another taco.

On day 31 you'll easily create sentences like these.

Ella tiene que ir porque tambien tiene otras personas para visitar. - She has to go because she also has other people to visit.

Ella es de Méxcio pero tiene casi todo su familiar en los Estados Unidos. - She is from Mexico but almost all her family are in the United States.

Porque usted tiene que ir ahora? - Why do you have to go now?

  • Real Spanish
  • No fake conversation
  • Speak Spanish the way people really speak Spanish.

Why, this course is the easiest and fastest way to jump-start your Spanish.

It is as much about what is left out as the 3145 words in the course.

It took me more than 600 hours to create Shortcut to Spanish. I created the course that I wish I had when I learned Spanish. I left out all the useless and time wasting grammar based activities and filled Shortcut to Spanish with Spanish you can use immediately.

This is an easy course to get through and easy to put into use. It takes just 31 days of 15-25 minutes lessons. A course where every step builds on the last to make sure you always move forward with your Spanish.

The course is just $39.95 and 100% guaranteed

I know I could charge more. Spanish courses with less useful information charge a lot more.

But I didn't spend 600 plus hours creating this course to limit the people who can benefit from it. So, I have priced Shortcut to Spanish so you can start right away.

Download now and start speaking Spanish with Shorcut to Spanish today

Shortcut to Spanish gives you extraordinary value for money. I stand behind it 100%.

You can download now there is literally no risk.

3 Months, No Questions Asked 100% Guarantee!

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If you get stuck you can email me. I will walk you through any sticking point to keep your Spanish moving forward.

Obviously I can't do this for a large number of people. So this offer is only available only to the next 100 people.

So what are you waiting for the course is only a few dollars and you can't lose. Plus you have the bonus coaching.

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